New Superette Website

Look out for our new website. Its under construction right now but its looking good, oh so good !!
You will be able to make bookings online and order off our catering menus for all your dinner or lunch parties.
Watch this space………

Ostrich Burgers Fresh from the farm……

We are serving the yummiest Ostrich Burgers. The meat comes from a sustainable farm in the Eastern Cape.
We stuff that big bird with onion relish and chili and wrap it up with bacon. Served on a brioche sesame bun.

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Wallpaper / Editors Pick

We just had a write up in Wallpaper. Thanks to Matthew Freemantle for the words.

Breakfast at Superette

We’re open from 07:00, so come down for your morning fix. We are serving Rosetta and Deluxe roasts to kick start your day. If ya feeling up for it try the new and mega French Toast smeared with Blue Berry Marscapone…….dam !

Whoop Whoop ! Nice Write on the new space in Visi

Check out the nice write up in VISI on the new Superette space.

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Happy 2013 and we are open for business !

Our new space is open and we are loving it. Come down for one of our yummy new salads and mega breakfast items. The new space is situated at the Woodstock Exchange, 66 Albert Rd.

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Superette is Moving

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Superette finally has wi-fi !

Superette is pleased to tell you that we finally have free wi-fi. Come on down …

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Its Xmas Time……..

And this guy is NOT invited !! Just a quick note to let everybody know that Superette will be open until the 24th of December. We be serving up some special Christmas fare with all the trimmings leading up to the 24th. Thanks to everybody for the support over the past year and we look forward to an awesome 2012.
We re-open on the 7th of January.

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Rosetta Coffee oh’ soooooo good !!

While Lake Como is lovely at this time of year, it’s always ruined by those horribly gaudy celebrity galas – red carpets, black ties, orange skin. I prefer more elegant thrills; the subtle hint of honeysuckle on a spring breeze; a fragrant cup of Earl Grey tea, the warm citrus scent of marmalade on toast.

Customers getting their daily caffeine fix at Superette now have two awesome roasteries to choose from. We are serving beans from both Delux Coffee Works and Rosetta Roastery. We met the guys from Rosetta at the We Love Coffee festival held recently at the Neighbourgoods Market. We are currently serving the Ethiopian single roast.

The Coffee is from Oromia in Ethiopia. Specifically it is from Kochere in the Sidamo Valley.
A celebrity amongst African coffees, this high-grown Ethiopian boasts soaring citrus tones and an incredibly open floral nose. Its refreshingly clear body, aromatic bergamot/Earl Grey tea notes, and sweet marmalade finish makes it incredible as either a slow-brew, or an espresso-based beverage.

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Superette Top 100 Places To Eat

We are pleased to inform you that we have made the Fleur du Cap top 100 places to eat in Cape Town.
The judging panel consists of Clare Mack, editor of, Anna Trapido, food judge on numerous food panels and authoritative food writer, Bianca Coleman, Cape Town based food critic, and Jos Baker, doyenne of South African food writers and a judge on the SA panel for the San Pellegrino Top 50 restaurants in the world.

Thanks guys

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Roast Beef Sandwiches at Superette

We servin dat beef rare roasted on our sourdough bread with carmalised onions, garlic aioli, fresh tomatoes and rocket with some extra lovin on the side mmmmmmmmmmm’

Come and get em

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Fresh Honeycomb

So, we have been lucky enough to have fresh honeycombs delivered to Superette by our beekeeper Mark. The combs were harvested from his Sandstone Fynbos hives and were actually delivered in an old, disused wooden beehive. AMAZING !! The honey is really fresh and super tasty. We are slicing it straight off the comb and serving it on toasted banana bread. ITS MEGA !!

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Alphabetical Wine

Good friends of ours Simon Wibberly and David Cope have recently launched their new red. Beautifully labeled under the name Alphabetical, it is a really great wine and on our shelves at Superette. I went to the launch held on the edge of a vinyard a couple of rainy Sundays ago and Daves sister Ammy made an amazing coc au vin using, Alphabetical. Perfect for the cold weather. I will keep an eye on the weather report and have hot stews on the stove with some Alphabetical on standby.

Alphabetical wines is created by winemakers who surf and surfers who make wines. “It’s a wine made with so many variable, it’s almost like the whole Alphabet!”

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What The Future Holds For Superette Diners…

So April was my last month at Superette and from this week Cameron will be getting his hands filthy in the Kitchen. Lindie and Zoliswa have decided that they’re willing to let him in for a trial period and see how he works out for them. No doubt they’ll give him sufficient beat downs to keep him in check and within a month or two I’m sure he’ll be able to start holding back the tears.

But in all fairness Cameron is a great cook and I think the menu will be filled with a lot of interesting things and with a little more variety - he wants to focus more on the plat du jour so expect some tasty ass hot meals.

I’m off to start my own ventures and so I won’t be filling this space any longer with my drivel. In case you have nothing else to do with your life you can keep reading it, my drivel, at I will also still be selling my Maunder’s Manfood products at the Neighbourgoods Market every Saturday, well Lindsay and Brode will be there every Saturday holding the fort and selling the goods.

Thanks for reading.

“Everybody’s saying this is going to be the hottest funeral of the year,”

Well there hasn’t been many posts recently so I figured I’d dump some good things down in this lonely little space.

Who knew funerals could be megatastic dancehall bonanzas!? Well the Ghanaians did, that’s who! Have a look at this article from NYTimes to see where the small, ready to explode child is getting his groove on. Hot damn I hope the trend travels south, what a great way to spend a weekend.

The parties are fervently anticipated, promoted weeks in advance with online advertisements — “Save this day,” one said, “as I celebrate the life of my mother” — or with stacks of glossy fliers that pile up at African restaurants and groceries. The fliers often resemble theater playbills, with photos of the grieving family and friends, known as the “chief mourners,” as well as credits for the M.C. and technical staff.”


Here’s a great item of news that I only just got wind of: HOOTERS is in South Africa! For realz. They first opened one in Durban, then Johannesburg and now in boerewors draped Edward Street in Durbanville. I don’t think they’ve completed the Edward Street venue yet but you can join their Facebook page here and you’ll be the first to know. Also for all you aspiring well stacked birds out there get yourselves over to this link where you can sign up to Become a Hooters Girl. WOOP WOOP!

And last but not least their menu is pretty great, similar to Spur (but no-one will ever top Spur) and with more of a US feel - items like Daytona Beach Wings and even oysters. I think an all round guaranteed success.

On a more toned down note: the always quietly amusing works of Michael Taylor will be on show at What If The World Galleries for his show entitled The Tenacious Tree Huggers on Wednesday the 20th of April from 18h00. His work is great and no doubt this will be no exception. You can check out his website here and read more about the show here.


Bread and Water

This is Bread and Water. I don’t know much about it but Cameron just came in and told me to watch it, I thought you should all watch it too. We don’t use Trevor’s bread, but if it was possible we certainly would. But he has started making croissants and we get to feed on them here at the Superette on Saturdays, and we’re eternally grateful. Enjoy.


So here’s a little bit of last minute news: Tonight we have Richard Hart’s opening up at What If The World gallery. But more importantly tonight we’ve got Chili Dogs! We got Frickles! We got Frito’s!

What’s a Chili Dog you say?

Why its a big ol’ sausage smothered in meat and beans and cheese!

This is what you’re going to be doing to your Chili Dog.

What’s a frickle you say?

Why its a goddamn deep-fried pickle!


If you don’t know what a Frito is then you can just go to hell.

It starts at 18h30, we’ll be selling liquor, and there’s some art upstairs if you’re bothered.

You can read more about Richard Hart here, his work is actually pretty damn mega.

MORE BEER! Lost Items and MORE BEER!

This is just a quick little post to tell you about the upcoming Beer Festival that’s happening on the 20th of March which is a Sunday - Monday is a public holiday so you can get your tank on. It’s from 12pm till midnight so it’s gonna get pretty serious. I’ll be selling some tasty num nums and Jason from Jardine Bakery will be there too but his food sucks so don’t bother. You can read more about the festival here: MORE BEER

Last year sometime somebody left a set of keys here, its got a TON of keys on it, one of them is a Ford key and there is also a remote and a security disc. Come and get ‘em if they’re yours.

Our Display Fridge, Tilly’s Homemade Ice Cream and MUTHAFUCKINBOUNCE RAP

So we got our display fridge last week and hot damn it looks good and it’s just the right kind of chilly. We’ve mostly stocked it with Maunder’s Manfood and drinks for now but we’ve also put in some of the amazing Cloud Cottage goat’s cheese that we use almost everyday in our kitchen. It is such great stuff, we order a box in at a time and they courier it down to us from the Tsitsikamma area. I didn’t know this but goat’s cheese is seasonal and so there’s a couple of months that it’s not available, but we order such a big box just before the end of the season so that we never run out! Smart ek se. The farm uses organic biodymnamic methods and the Saanen goats feed on fynbos and the surrounding pastures. You can read more about the farm here.

You’re out!

We’ve also been selling Honest Chocolate for a while but it gets a little warm at the Superette so we’ve had to keep their boxes of bonbons in the fridge so now that they can hang out front since we got the display fridge we’re hoping that people will catch onto them a little more. We’ve also just placed our first order for their slabs and for their spread. In my last post I wrote a little about The Mast Brothers, the boys brought back their Black Truffle chocolate and the Serrano Pepper. I also had their Sea Salt chocolate last year and I hate to be a knob about it but fact is fact - their packaging is spectacular; their chocolate kind of sucks. And when Anthony dropped off one of Honest’s new slabs for us to taste it became pretty clear just how much The Mast Brother’s chocolate sucks and how much Honest rules. It’s not like I’m pushing the local thing, I don’t care if 12 empty jumbo jets had to fly in that special little slab of Honest all the way from New Guinea and 17 Afghani child labourers lost their fingers in the packaging process. I’d still choose the slab of chocolate made by Honest over The Mast Brother’s any day.

Packing precious cargo.

We’re also going to be selling more of The Drift’s veg and we’ll soon be getting in Sweet Temptation Toffees. But our biggest windfall was last week when Kirsty from Tilly’s Hand Made Ice Cream got in touch with me. She’s been selling at The Field Office for a while and she mailed us asking if she could drop off some samples… HOLY TITS were those some samples or what!? We immediately ordered a batch and so if you come round please do yourself a favour and get a little tub, it’s vokkin’ awesome.

Another really exciting thing thats going to be happening soon, tomorrow actually, is MEAT CLUB. My oldest and most retarded friend Matt’s awesome dad is running this Saturday morning stroke of genius and the intention behind it is to educate beer drinking, sausage swinging men a little more about their meat. For now its just a gang of Matt’s boyfriends getting together at the butchery for the first one, which is happening this Saturday, but I suspect they’re going to have to run them every couple of weeks because a better idea has never been thought - Meat Education and Beer.


Now before I get onto the really good stuff there must be a mention of the talented and always gracious Ms. Daniella Mooney who had her opening up at What If The World this past Saturday. She toys with wood, misspent dreams and, during her days down in the kitchen, my wretched soul. She’s created something beautiful and you can see it until the end of the month.

So the highlight of recent weeks would have to be the return of Happy Dave, only this time its Happy Dave AND The Louisianans! Last year around this time I wrote a post about the Oysters that Dave cooked up for us on his annual trip down here and how I tried and failed to recreate his Oyster Phenomenon for a Supper Club we did. Dave and his very good friend Demian are food bevok, Demian especially likes to put food in his face a LOT, and he loves ALL of it. He even had a midnight meal at a 7Eleven, something along the lines of rice and curry, he survived AND thought it was the best shit he’s tasted. Freak. So we’re going to be doing a little food cook off and I’m hoping to get a lot of tips from them since they worked in the States as line cooks before they got into tattooing, Dave has his own shop called Uptown Tattoos in New Orleans and Demian is based in Atlanta at Southern Start Tattoo. Unfortunately Billy who works at Dave’s shop but who also worked as a line cook won’t be able to be here for the cook off since he’s flying home on Saturday but he’s left us with something even more precious than tips on how to cook a Gumbo, he’s left us with MUTHAFUCKINBOUNCE RAP! Below you can see Billy in the throes of his Bounce Rap demonstration that he’s convinced will be tearing up all Cape Town dance floors by this time next year.

The streets of New Orleans and the beginning of the Cape Town Bounce Craze

So my donation to this effort is to help inform. So here is a great article to get you started, but more importantly here is a little video advertising a DVD that I can highly recommend if you want to get that authentic bounce. Hopefully one of these days we can get together a real Louisiana Shrimp Boil at the Superette and you can all get your thongs on and come round and show us your Ass Bounce…. AWESOME!

The Boys Are Back in Town, Our Amazing Employee Luck, The 1800’s All Up In Our Grills

Gifts from afar: The Mast Brothers and Penzeys Spices

So the boys got back last week. I thought it would suck having them home - sniffing around, rearranging everything we’ve just arranged or just plain old on my nuts. But it’s actually been pretty awesome, they bring an energy into a space like no other and they’re constantly doing things, planning things, onto new things. Just plain old excited about THINGS. Plus they brought back some megatastic gifts for everyone so that’s always a plus.

Walton Ford

While they were away I read an article by the New York Times that was written back in 2009, you can read it here, they talk about the trend in fashion, food, home design and lifestyle to dip into the 1800’s for ideas. It always takes a little time for this kind of thing to trickle down to Cape Town but it definitely has. We’ve yet to see someone wondering down the streets in a full three piece suit, bowler hat, stuffed squirrel on his shoulder, on his way to a day of skeet shooting… But there’s no doubt that there’s a couple of bowler hats floating around and plenty of strategically placed stuffed animals in a few Capetonian homes.


The writer also talked about the same move in food and restaurants, he talked about places like Marlow and Sons, Freemans, Vinegar Hill, The Spotted Pig and The Breslin, who just earned their first Michelin star. The kind of fare on offer at these places is described by Freemans as “simple, rustic, and inspired by old world traditions.” This seems to be the focus of most of these places with an emphasis on old world traditions. The Spotted Pig describes their food as seasonal British and Italian, something that definitely rings true and really the initiator of all this seems to me to be “The Old Country” and that wonderful chef sitting right in the centre of it - Fergus Henderson, he’s been doing whole Suckling Pigs, duck hearts and devilled eggs for going on two decades now.

The Spotted Pig

All of these places are just fucking retardedly awesome in terms of food. I’d give my right thumb to actually eat at these places instead of just rambling on about them. Of course those abovementioned, godforsaken boys managed to eat at most of these joints on their most recent travels. Almost every single, bloody, one! One of my favourite stories was their New Years Eve - they spent it at The Breslin where the table next to them was filled with well dressed dandys and quaintrelles who had a whole suckling pig delivered to their table. Another cool place they went to was called Brooklyn Bowl where they got hammered on jugs of beers, fed on Fried Chicken and bowled the night away. But there’s also the option of Catfish, an Oyster Po-Boy, Brooklyn Brisket and Pickled Cucumber Salad… mega.

Vinegar Hill House

Food like this is just so great, and you’re seeing some of this style here now, the food at Down South on Long Street, the interior of Black Ram/The Power and The Glory on Kloofnek. It’s all trickling down slowly but surely and no doubt there’s more to come. There was a great thing Taavo Somer said, the guy from Freemans: “We’ve already seen the comeback of the butcher and the baker, next thing is going to be a hipster candlestick maker.” Can’t wait. Vomit.

Maunder’s Manfood Gherkins

So with Aisha gone we had to hustle for employees and we’ve been really lucky, especially in comparison to last year, every person that’s walked through the door has been pretty exceptional and things are going well. We’ve started looking for a display fridge for the front of Superette and soon we’ll be selling more fresh products and I’ll be whoring off my Maunder’s Manfood as soon as we plug it in. I’ve also been photographing the products and pretty soon the website will be properly updated so check back soon. The boys have also started stocking our shelves with their new Merchants & Makers products and they have some really great stuff.

Thanks for reading this far, see you soon.

We’re Back in Business And So Are The Flies!

So we reopened Monday and surprisingly enough its not such a bad thing. Business is good, summer fruits are here, the wind is blowing, the flies are everywhere, the day starts at 7, the heat starts at 6, Aisha has left… Actually it totally SUCKS BALLS!

No, that’s all a lie. Except for the part about Aisha leaving. She’s been part of the making of Superette and without her there’s no doubt we would never have succeeded, not a chance. People would have come. But they’d never have come back. Luckily we kept her exit mostly a secret so it’ll give us a chance to convince the regulars to keep coming back. But it’s a tough road ahead and I hope we can manage it because even though it’s been only 3 days of No Aisha Superette, they’ve been poephol dark days. We’ll miss you Aisha Most Beautiful Person On The Planet Besides Your Totally Hot Husband and Future Hottest Hybrid Ever To Be Conceived.

As far as the flies are concerned it seems like this heat has brought them down upon us all over Cape Town. We’re trying everything to keep them at bay - candles, lemon drops, the tennis racket fly zapper, running after them…. the list goes on. So please bear with us, this is one battle that I think everyone is struggling with and it’s not because we’re a filthy bunch, it’s just nature taking its course.

Well enough of that and on to more whining. So Beefcake Jardine Jason informed me with relish the other day that some twat decided to ‘twitter’ about how Beefcake’s (Jason, not the Homosexual Burger Joint) Lamb Sandwich is better than ours because our aubergine is too greasy. Well Mr. Twat, we’ve de-oiled our aubergine so why don’t you bring your opinionated self back here and see what you think.

The Mighty Beefcake on the left, Mr Twat on the right.

Last year I started selling my Maunder’s Manfood products at the Neighbourgoods Market and its been a pretty cool little venture. I sell a lot of the sauces and dressings that I use at the Superette like the Pesto, Salsa Verde, Aioli, Baby Rosa’s…

…but my main focus is on pickles, preserves and the kind of savoury stuff that you hate when you’re 5 but love when you’re 35 - Pickled Onions, Gherkins, Smoked Hot Sauce, Anchovy Butter, Piccalilli, Pickled Eggs… You get my meaning I’m sure. Anyway, come check it out, this Saturday I hope to be throwing in my Scotch Eggs and with some luck there’ll be a proper Pork Pie or two.

Well enough of this whoring out my wares. Welcome to 2011, thanks for reading this far and hot damn I’d swear on my left nut if I had one that I’ll bloody well write more this year.

One last word - I searched Beefcake to get some decent images for the ‘Jason Beefcake’ commentary and there was just so much good stuff that I had to include as many as I could. I hope you liked it.

Merry Xmas and See You Next Year!

We’d like to thank all of our guests, our colleagues and friends for their support in 2010 and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and good fortune for the coming year. We are currently closed but will reopen on the 10th of January, we look forward to seeing you then.

Finally a Supper Club and a Blog Update

So it’s been months, and months. And months. Since the last Supper Club. Massively lame but what’s done is done and it’s time to move onward and upward to the next Supper Club. I figured we should do something Tasty, and something that will include large doses of Merriment. Tasty + Merriment = Cholo! and so Mexican Fare it shall be. Admittedly I doubt a Tasty, Merry Cholo ever graced any street corner, but whatever.

For the last 2 months there has been this sudden desire for all things Mexican; two new Mexican joints have opened recently - San Julian Taco and Tequila and El Burro; plus a friend has started talking about his plans to open up a Mexican place of his own; and then two old friends returned from a New York jaunt with many a Tale of the Taco Truck and so it just seemed silly to ignore all the signs and not have a night of slow cooked flesh and Margherita’s.

So next week Thursday is the night, the date is the 25th and we’ll be serving from 19h00. I wanna make it cheap as hell and pack the mouth’s in so although historically we’ve had a limit of 34 people for our Supper Clubs I figure with this kind of food and these kinds of Margherita’s that we could squeeze in 50, hell maybe even 60! I’ll have the menu up in our Supper Club section later this evening as well as the price.

In other news Hayden Phipps stopped by a little while back to photograph Athi’s new show and then came down to take some badly needed food and people photo’s for the Superette, he did a great job and I’ve also uploaded some of the photo’s he took of Athi’s show because they are equally great. You can see more in the Gallery section and on the Facebook page.

A little while ago after we did the Supper Club for Cameron Platter’s show he mailed me with a bunch of questions and asked me to answer them and include as many images as I saw fit. The five words that we said to each other when he was down here for his show was enough to know that Cameron is, for lack of a better phrase - A Very Good Dude. The other day I Googled myself, because I am pathetic, and low and behold there was the ‘interview’, rereading it a couple of months after writing it I can’t deny that there are two words that keep pulsating through my brain: ‘Chop’ and ‘Me’. But again: whatever. I felt quite special that he was interested in asking me anything at all so thanks Cameron, any time your gut needs filling you know where to go. He also chatted to Ashley and Athi and they’re well worth reading.

Recently I added a new Lamb Sandwich to the menu, it’s served with grilled Aubergine, a Garlic Yoghurt Dressing and Salsa Verde. It’s been selling really well and it’s nice to have a new item on the Sandwich menu. You can only do the Pork or Chicken so many time, although we’ve still been throwing in the Sirloin and the Tuna every now and then to mix it up a bit.

On an incredibly happy note we’re elated to tell you that we’ll be closed from the 18th of December to the 10th of January… BEVOK.

Beer Fest, Lourensford, Athi-Patra’s Opening, Fire & Knives

So I realise I’m a little late on the update but better something than nothing. The Beer Fest went down really really well, the doors were supposed to open at 4pm but when we arrived to setup (at 4) there was a queue out the door and everybody else was just as late as Aisha and I. But we all got it together pretty quick and pretty soon it was heaving.

We had to wait for the liquor to set in before we really started selling our Warm Pork Belly sandwiches but once it did we did a pretty good trade. But Aisha and I are losers and come 10:30 we’d had enough and had to get the hell out so we packed our shit and ran outta there. When we each got to our respective homes we stank so much of beer, pork and braai that Aisha’s husband wanted to throw her out and my dogs wanted to eat me alive. Having said that it was a great success and I think next year will be even better with more microbreweries and the addition of local garagistes.

A couple weeks back J and Cam got invited to go check out the Trout Farm up at Lourensford Estate. They have a stall at the Neighbour Goods Market and they are the guys we get our trout from and there is definitely no way we can get anything fresher. A couple of months ago we had a Supper Club that featured their trout and it was really great, I had to drive up to collect the order because it wasn’t their regular Cape Town delivery day but it was well worth it because it is a beautiful farm, when Cam and J were up there they got to see a lot more of it including the hatchery and the INSANE mountains.

Wendy Beryl, who is another one of suppliers, stopped by the other day to drop off our usual Granola order and brought along some of the biggest, tastiest strawberries we’ve ever seen. Strawberries are a year long grocery store item these days but there is such a massive difference in flavour when you compare strawberries out of season to those in season and after tasting these bad boys it’s safe to say that it’s definitely the season of the strawberry. We’ve been getting a ton in and adding them to our Granola, French Toast, Cakes, making Jams… a bunch of stuff. The other day I was making jam and it caramelised a little too much, I had to cool it down with some Orange Spiced Syrup I’d made to stop it from becoming rock candy and the end result was this awesome, deep, rich, orange, strawberry, caramel, spice flavour. I’m hoping to make the same mistake with the next batch.

This month we had Athi’s opening and it was a huge success but downstairs for the Supper Club it was pretty mediocre, most of our tables were full but usually with a big opening like that we end up with a queue out the door. We were serving bangers and mash so I don’t think it was because of the food (who doesn’t want shovel down bangers and mash!?), perhaps everyone decided to make there way to the Speedway closing down party instead. All round though it was a good night, just the right amount of crazy. His show is up till the 14th of November and well worth checking out.

The other day Justin came into the Superette with three issues of the greatest magazine ever published, he’d picked them up at Church if I’m not mistaken. It’s called Fire and Knives and it’s great to look at and great to read. I’m still making my way through the 1st issue and I just can’t stop looking at it, they have ads like this:

If you can’t get your hands on a copy then feel free to come check out ours.

Lets see… what else can I tell you… Business has been great, plus with our new table service system in place on Saturdays things have been seriously smooth sailing. We have less people on the floor and it’s still a breeze, so I hope there are happier customers out there. Oh! I found this great review on Superette the other day when I was trying find a phone number for the new Mexican place San Julian Taco and Tequila, where you’ll find the best margarita hands down. You can read it here.

Last but not least a big thanks to The Foodie for sending over Donavan That Knife Sharpener’s number.